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When you choose B2B Credit Collection Agency in Concord, CA, we provide you a wide range of professional services to recover your money. We are an accounts receivable management company as well as a credit reporting agency. We offer our clients innovative business credit screening services where we review National Credit Bureaus' business credit card reports to help our customers determine what business relationships have the least amount of credit risk involved.

Our credit screening services are designed to assist our clients in making the most informed decisions possible when extending credit to their customers.

Our clients have the advantage of an accounts receivable management company that is committed to a simple yet effective debt collection process.

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Our passion is to help people, consumers, and businesses to resolve their financial obligations and to help creditors recover their outstanding past due accounts receivables.
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When we call, we are professional. All of our employees will treat your account holders with respect and dignity when handling financial matters.

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Because of our experience with other businesses, we are able to adapt to financial needs quickly. We use our experience to help your account holders on the journey to paying off their debt.

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We know our limitations when it comes to debt collection. We are up to date on the laws surrounding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and comply to those laws.